Aegean Airlines COVID-19 safety policies

See the protective measures Aegean Airlines have introduced at the airport and onboard flights during COVID-19 to maximise customer safety during the pandemic. Find out what it is like travelling with Aegean Airlines during COVID-19 by reading their guidance and policies.

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Aegean Airlines COVID-19 safety policies

Aegean Airlines COVID-19 policies

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At the Airport

Face mask

For your safety, you are requested to wear a face mask or any type of mouth-nose cover inside all airport areas.


All our airport services are available, altered to comply with the new conditions revealed by the pandemic. Our priority is your health and protection, while at the airport. Currently, you may find a limited number of check-in counters, while our Ticket offices hours have been amended according to our flight schedule


Some extra time might be needed for check-in, baggage drop-off and security checks at the airport due to the social distancing measures.

Cabin baggage

Our cabin baggage policy is different for each fare category. You are advised to check the cabin baggage allowance of your fare prior to your flight in order to avoid possible extra charges or delays at the airport.


Boarding is performed per window, middle and aisle seat, starting with the window seats and followed by middle and aisle seats
Business class passengers follow after boarding is completed for Economy class passengers, while Gold Miles+Bonus passengers and Gold Star Alliance follow the boarding process per seat.
While queuing, a 1,5-meter distance must be adhered to.
Contactless boarding pass check requires that you self-scan your boarding pass at the devices and present your identification document to our staff instead of handing it over for check.
In case of bus transfer to the aircraft, schedules are increased, and buses are occupied 50% of their capacity with no more than 40 passengers per route.
For boarding the aircraft and during flight, you are requested to wear a face mask, according to our company’s policy.

Lounges open

The Intra & Extra Schengen Lounges at the Athens International Airport and also the Business Lounge at Larnaka airport are now open.
We follow all necessary precaution measures so to welcome you and offer a safe and relaxed experience before your flight.
Our food and beverage offering has also been adapted according to the guidelines of the health authorities.
Our Lounge at Thessaloniki airport is temporarily closed.
Onboard the flight

Face masks

Passengers are requested to wear a face mask. Children up to 6 years old are excluded. The mask should be replaced every 4 hours or when becoming wet, so please ensure that you have enough face masks for your journey.
Please note that visor masks are allowed only if they are used in combination with a mask. Ffp2 and ffp3 high respiratory protection masks with valve are not allowed.


During your flight it is highly recommended to practice hand hygiene often by using sanitizer with >60% ethyl alcohol, particularly before eating or drinking and after use of the toilet and also to limit your movement and direct contact with surfaces in the cabin to that essential for well-being.

Meals & beverages

To ensure your safety and reduce contact, we have temporarily changed our food and beverage offering during flight.
We currently offer individual water bottles, prepacked snack and antiseptic wipes, while in international flights hot and cold beverages are also served.

Cabin staff

During flight and flight preparation, cabin crew are requested to wear protective face mask and gloves.


During this period, newspapers are not available on board. Instead, when travelling to international destinations, you may connect from your personal device to our infotainment platform AEGEAN Stream and browse through various categories such as music, games, e-books, news etc.
Once you board, switch your device to “flight mode”, enable your WiFi, connect to the AEGEAN Stream network and enjoy amazing content from the comfort of your seat!

At the Airport

For extra protection, we have placed plexiglass separators at all AEGEAN ticket offices across Greece.
Sanitizing dispensers are available in each station while our personnel wear gloves for any transaction with our passengers.
All check in and gate agents are required to wear face masks and gloves during check-in and boarding and contactless procedures for all transactions are in place.

Aircraft cleaning

According to best practices and recommendations of EASA, WHO, ICAO and IATA, we have adapted specific aircraft interior cleaning procedures for both regular and periodic cleaning and disinfection.
Our standard aircraft cleaning procedures have been amplified and average cleaning time is doubled between all our flights, in all stations in Greece and abroad, both during the day and after the completion of flights at night.
During the new aircraft cleaning procedure, new mild sanitizers are used in order to clean and sanitize all sensitive touch areas such as seats, hand rests, tray tables, side walls, toilets etc, according to the instructions of the local health authorities.
Upon arrival in Athens from international destinations, each aircraft is also disinfected.

Air circulation on board

The air in Airbus cabins is, on average, completely renewed every 3 minutes during cruise. This rate is much higher than what people experience in other indoor environments.
The air in the cabin is a mixture of fresh air drawn from outside, and air that passes through extremely efficient filters, called HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Arrestors), which capture more than 99% of even microscopic bacteria and viruses. All Airbus aircraft in our fleet are equipped with HEPA filters.

Cabin crew

Our staff are trained with the latest hygiene protocols and cleaning procedures as to ensure a safe experience for you and themselves. In addition, our crew members, wear face masks and gloves, whereas in some cases extra protective equipment is required such as single use aprons and protective glasses.
As an extra level of protection, we perform Covid-19 tests to all our active crew members every 15 days. Tests are performed at our airport premises.


According to Greek Government’s decision, all international flight passengers, arriving to any airport in Greece, must complete the Passenger Locator Form at least one day before their flight.
Each passenger will receive a unique QR code, which will be requested during check in or boarding. Ιn case a passenger fails to fill the PLF and does not have either a proof of e-PLF or the QR code, will be denied boarding. Penalty may apply by the Greek authorities, in case the e-PLF is not filled in.


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