Air Transat COVID-19 safety policies

See the protective measures Air Transat have introduced at the airport and onboard flights during COVID-19 to maximise customer safety during the pandemic. Find out what it is like travelling with Air Transat during COVID-19 by reading their guidance and policies.

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Air Transat COVID-19 safety policies

Air Transat COVID-19 policies

View Air Transat COVID-19 policies

At the Airport

General information

Please arrive at the airport at least 2 hours prior to departure.
So that you can book with confidence Air Transit are offering more flexibility to change or cancel your flight.
To address the concerns raised by COVID-19 and to ensure your safety and that of our employees, Air Transat has created Traveller Care, a program featuring new health and safety measures.
Your temperature will be taken at the airport as part of screening procedures prior to departure.


You can check in online, available 24 hours before your flight. You will also be asked a few health-related questions.
All our employees will wear masks or will be behind Plexiglass partitions.
To avoid payments at the airport, it is recommended to make your payments online, up to 72 hours before departure, for any extra bags, sports equipment or extra inflight services. Download the Air Transat app to stay informed.
You will be encouraged to use our self-service baggage drop-off stations where available.


Priority boarding will only be offered to passengers with reduced mobility.
Passengers sitting at the back of the aircraft will be asked to board first, followed by those at the front.
Priority boarding for Club passengers is no longer available.

Air Transat lounge

Due to the sanitary crisis and airport movements, the lounge operation is temporarily suspended for qualifying passengers.
Onboard the flight

Face mask

You will be required to wear a mask in the plane, so make sure to bring at least one with you on your trip. In compliance with Transport Canada recommendations, masks with exhalation valves are not accepted.


Passengers will receive a complimentary Traveller Care kit, which will include a mask, gloves, hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes.


Lavatories will be sanitized regularly throughout the flight with disinfectant. Only one passenger at a time will be allowed to wait outside.
Club Class passengers will no longer have access to an exclusive lavatory.

Meals & beverages

Economy Class
On flights to/from Canada, a prepackaged meal (sandwich, salad and dessert) and a snack will be served.
Bottled water will be offered on all flights until October 31. Starting November 1, bar service with soft drinks, juice, water, coffee and tea will be reinstated. Wine in single-serve bottles and beer will be sold at affordable prices.
The Bistro menu will be available on all flights to the South, Europe and within Canada (longer than three hours). Until October 31, the offer will be limited to sealed items that do not require additional handling: chips, chocolate and sandwiches. Starting November 1, the offer will be more diversified and include light meals.
Club Class
A premium prepackaged meal will be served. Beer and wine will be offered on request.
Priority boarding and the welcome cocktail are not offered. Alcoholic beverages are limited to beer and wine in single-serve bottles, and offered on request. And the gourmet meals by Chef Daniel Vézina are replaced by premium prepackaged meals to reduce handling and contact.

On the aircraft

Staff utilise full PPE onboard and will be conducting more regular checks and sanitisation of washrooms areas and aircraft touchpoints.
Before each and every flight, the aircraft will be thoroughly cleaned with hospital-grade disinfectant, including seats, headrest covers, seat belt buckles, seat controls, seat-back pockets, armrests, light switches, air circulation controls, tray tables, individual entertainment screens, and overhead bins and handles. The entire aircraft will also be cleaned every 24 hours with electrostatic disinfectant.


Upon landing, passengers will need to adhere to the disembarkation instructions as advised by the cabin crew and observe the health and safety measures set by the authorities at the country of destination.
Passengers sitting closest to the exit door(s) will deplane first, followed by the others, to avoid crossing each other.
You will be asked to keep two metres (six feet) distance from the other passengers while deplaning.
When you land, please keep your face mask on until you have left the airport terminal.
Download the ArriveCAN app to reduce wait times upon your arrival in Canada and to reduce points of contact.


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