Alitalia COVID-19 safety policies

See the protective measures Alitalia have introduced at the airport and onboard flights during COVID-19 to maximise customer safety during the pandemic. Find out what it is like travelling with Alitalia during COVID-19 by reading their guidance and policies.

The information is taken from Alitalia website which can be viewed HERE

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Alitalia COVID-19 safety policies

Alitalia COVID-19 policies

View Alitalia COVID-19 policies

At the Airport

Face mask

It is compulsory to wear a surgical mask or a face mask (covering your nose, mouth and chin) at all times. Passengers must carry spare surgical masks or face masks since they should be replaced if wet or visibly dirty.

General information

To maintain social distance passengers should,where possible, carry out the web check-in or to use, where present, the fast check-in kiosks at the airport.
From 15 June, it is mandatory to complete the self-certification form, before boarding, which certifies that you have not had contact with people diagnosed with COVID-19.
Self-certification is digital and can be completed during your online check-in.


To guarantee social distancing, boarding operations will be carried out in groups of rows starting from the rear of the aircraft.
Therefore, priority boarding reserved for SkyPriority customers has been temporarily suspended.

Hand baggage

The use of overhead bins to store pieces of clothing (such as jackets, pullover etc) is forbidden and such items must be packed in the hand baggage before boarding.

Alitalia lounges

All Casa Alitalia lounges are temporarily closed.
For those entitled to lounge access at Rome Fiumicino and New York, it will be possible to collect a voucher at check-in to be used at selected food outlets.
Onboard the flight

Face mask

It is compulsory to wear a surgical mask or a face mask (covering your nose, mouth and chin) at all times. Passengers must carry spare surgical masks or face masks since they should be replaced if wet or visibly dirty.

Meals & beverages

Food and drink will be dispensed in a way that allows the highest hygiene standards to be maintained, in sealed single portions.
You will still be guaranteed the possibility to request certain types of special meals.
The on-board service has been reduced to minimize the flight crew passing through and stopping in the cabin.

In the cabin

The airline is using disinfectant sprayers, which emit a safe, high-grade EPA cleaning solution that sanitizes surfaces and key touchpoints.
All of Alitalia aircrafts are sanitised with high-powered sanitising products every day and, thanks to HEPA filters and vertical circulation, the air on board is not only renewed every three minutes, but it is also 99.7% pure, just like in a sterile medical room.

General information

Upon landing, passengers will need to adhere to the disembarkation instructions as advised by the cabin crew and observe the health and safety measures set by the authorities at the country of destination.
When you land, please keep your face mask on until you have left the airport terminal.
Lombardi bound passengers may have to provide a PCR test and should refer to further regulations online.
Temperature is also measured at the final destination airport in Italy and can also take place via thermal scanners. Therefore, it is necessary that headgear is not worn during boarding, as this may prevent the detection of body temperature.
For flights arriving in Italy there are two forms - passengers from EU / Schengen countries can download the form; Passengers returning from Romania, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Czech Republic, United Kingdom of Great Britain, Northern Ireland and France must also complete a further form,
Passengers from non-Schengen / EU countries, even if in transit in a Schengen / EU state, must also complete the self-declaration form for reentry to Italy


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