Citilink COVID-19 safety policies

See the protective measures Citilink have introduced at the airport and onboard flights during COVID-19 to maximise customer safety during the pandemic. Find out what it is like travelling with Citilink during COVID-19 by reading their guidance and policies.

The information is taken from Citilink website which can be viewed HERE

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Citilink COVID-19 safety policies

Citilink COVID-19 policies

View Citilink COVID-19 policies

At the Airport

General guidance

Citilink also advises passengers to check flight schedules regularly by contacting Citilink Call Center at 0804 1 080808.
This is to anticipate changes in flight schedules related to the development of the COVID-19 case.
Passengers must be in good health - it is highly recommended to postpone your flight if you’re unwell.
Passengers are required to check and comply with all regulations of the local government in the city of origin and destination


Online check-in and self-service facilities are widely available for passengers. In addition Citilink has introduced a smartphone App to further improve convenience.
Please arrive three hours before departure time
The airline provides hand sanitizers in customer service areas, boarding gates, and aircraft lavatories

Hand baggage

Passengers are recommended to reduce their volume of carried hand luggage at this time. Usual restrictions apply.


No specific changes are made to boarding procedures although passengers are reminded to maintain appropriate distance and follow staff instructions.

Lounge info

Third party lounges are opening in a phased manner and passengers should contact individual airports to confirm this.
Onboard the flight

Customer guidance

The airline will conduct temperature screening for cabin crews and passengers.
Cabin crews should wear protective masks and gloves.
The airline will perform quarantine procedures for aircraft passengers with unhealthy conditions.
Additionally, there is quarantine management for cabin crews with unhealthy conditions or have a history of visiting countries affected by the COVID-19 outbreak.
Implement the regulation of physical distancing between passengers in flight operations through setting the seat number by closing the middle seat (seat B and seat E) on flights with aircraft type A-320, both for passengers with check-in procedure at check-in counter or via web check-in and self-check-in facilities available at the airport

Our aircraft

Thorough sanitisation of all surfaces – from in-flight screens to air conditioning controls – between every flight.
The aircraft is equipped with a HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) air filter system to filter out dust and various air pollutants, including virus and bacteria.


When you land, please keep your face mask on until you have left the airport terminal.
Passengers from some high risk areas may have to quarantine on domestic routes and further information should be sought for this on local government websites.


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