El Al Israel Airlines COVID-19 safety policies

Check the protective measures El Al Israel Airlines have introduced at the airport and onboard flights during COVID-19 to maximise customer safety during the coronavirus pandemic. Find out what it is like travelling with El Al Israel Airlines during COVID-19 by reading their guidance and policies.

The information is taken from El Al Israel Airlines website which can be viewed HERE

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El Al Israel Airlines COVID-19 safety policies

El Al Israel Airlines COVID-19 policies

View El Al Israel Airlines COVID-19 policies

At the Airport

Face mask

A face mask should be worn in a manner that covers the nose and mouth from the moment of entry into the airport (from the age of 7 and up) and during the flight (from the age of 6 and up).


Prior to the flight, you must perform a self-check-in for the flight.
In addition, each passenger must complete a health declaration form online, which includes filling in personal details.
The form must be completed during the 24 hours prior to departure, printed out and brought to the airport. Without a signed form, it will not be possible to board a flight.
Even if you have performed a self-check-in for a flight, you must go to the check-in counters to have your documents verified.

Other guidance

Entrance to the passenger terminal at Ben Gurion Airport is only allowed for passengers, except in cases where the passenger must be accompanied.
In order to enter the terminal, you must present a ticket that indicates departure in the next 4 hours and a confirmation of a completed passenger declaration form departing from Israel for each passenger.
Your temperature will be verified at the entrance to the terminal. Entrance to the terminal will not be allowed for people with symptoms such as fever, shortness of breath, loss of sense of taste and smell.
Some countries impose entry restrictions. It is your responsibility to check the entry guidelines for your country of destination. For information on the various requirements that exist in countries in connection with the coronavirus, please refer to the IATA website.

Hand luggage

In accordance with the restrictions, in-flight crew are prevented from providing assistance in handling passenger hand luggage.
If you are unable to store your hand luggage on your own, you will need to send it to the holds of the aircraft and not take it with you on the flight. Therefore, we recommend arriving with light hand luggage that can be stored under the seat (width 18 cm, length 38 cm and height 30 cm).


During the boarding process, the airline will follow the social distancing measures recommended by the health authorities.
In order to prevent crowding, boarding and disembarking are carried out gradually in accordance with crew instructions.
Priority boarding is available however pre-boarding options are restricted.

Our lounges

Please note that the lounges at the airport are closed until further notice. If possible, vouchers will be granted to use at the airport.
Onboard the flight

Face mask

A face mask should be worn in a manner that covers the nose and mouth from the moment of entry into the airport (from the age of 7 and up) and during the flight (from the age of 6 and up).
For those wearing a disposable face mask, it should be replaced at most every 4 hours.
Used masks should be discarded in a dedicated bag in the aircraft kitchen.


For your convenience, on all flights and in all service departments, hygiene kits will be distributed that include a mask, antiseptic wipes and gel.

Meals & beverages

Due to the situation, the only special meals we serve are a Glat (strictly kosher) meal and a vegetarian meal. Sorry for the inconvenience.
A light meal is served on all flights except To/From Larnaca where light refreshments will be served instead.
All meals will be served in disposables in order to maintain maximum hygiene

Blankets & pillows

Blankets and pillows will be distributed in the business class and premium class on selected destinations only.

Other service changes

ElAl has adjusted the service profile to a minimum of contact. Our in-flight crew will be equipped with protective equipment throughout the flight, including protective outerwear, gloves and a face mask.
You must observe the rules of social distancing, remain in your seat as much as possible and avoid crowding in the aisles, kitchen galley and toilet areas. The instructions of the flight crew must be obeyed.
For hygiene reasons, newspapers, magazines, headphones and iPads will not be distributed.
Currently, it will not be possible to purchase duty-free products on the plane.
The Internet service in aircraft is not available until further notice.
Unfortunately, the "blue badge" guidelines reduce contact between our crew and passengers, which also affects the ability to provide assistance to passengers.
As such the unaccompanied minors service has also been withdrawn.

Our aircraft

All aircraft are equipped with high-efficiency filters (HEPA), which purify up to 99.97% of virus and bacteria particles. In addition, its cabin air recirculation system renews the air every 2-3 minutes and its vertical displacement prevents it from being shared with passengers on the sides and in front.
The aircraft is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected for your health and comfort, a clean environment must be maintained in all areas of the plane and in the toilet cubicles.
Additional enhanced cabin cleaning procedures, especially for windows, tray tables, armrests, seat belt buckles, overhead bin handles, and entertainment centers.


Upon arrival at your destination, stay in your seat and wait your turn to get off the aircraft.

Other guidance

Prior to booking a flight to Israel, it is recommended to verify the instructions for flying to and from Israel on the Israeli Ministry of Health website.
It is the passenger's responsibility to check the conditions of entry into the destination country and to obtain all the required documents.
Ensure you remain wearing your mask until you have fully excited the terminal building


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