GoAir COVID-19 safety policies

Check the protective measures GoAir have introduced at the airport and onboard flights during COVID-19 to maximise customer safety during the coronavirus pandemic. Find out what it is like travelling with GoAir during COVID-19 by reading their guidance and policies.

The information is taken from GoAir website which can be viewed HERE

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GoAir COVID-19 safety policies

GoAir COVID-19 policies

View GoAir COVID-19 policies

At the Airport

Face mask

Always wear a face mask and maintain social distancing throughout your journey.

Travel guidance

You must fill in the health declaration on the Go Air website or app.
As contactless travel is the norm, web check-in for flights is compulsory.
Ensure you download your baggage tag/identification number and affix it on the bag at a prominent place. You must complete your web check-in and obtain your boarding pass 72 hours to 1 hour before your flight departure.
Download and register on the Aarogya Setu App and display the status of the app to the staff at the entry gate. A green status on your Aarogya Setu App is mandatory to enter the airport.
Ensure that you reach the airport 3 hours prior to departure.
Thermal scanning will be done at different checkpoints.
Drop your bag with a baggage tag affixed at a prominent place at the designated baggage drop counter. The baggage drop counter will close one hour prior to departure.
Airport facilities for food and drink may also be limited during this time.

Hand luggage

Once onboard, you’ll need to stow your own cabin baggage and close the overhead lockers yourself.
Larger bags may make this more difficult, so the airline would encourage you to check these in to the hold.
Only one check-in bag (20 kg max.) and one cabin bag (7 kg max.) is allowed.


Maintaining social distancing at the boarding gate and inside the coaches
Collect your safety kit from the designated area near the boarding gate
Show your identity card to the airline staff and self-scan your e-boarding pass
Follow social distancing for safety while at the aerobridge or commuting in the coach from the terminal building to the flight
Onboard the flight

Food & beverages

To minimize physical contact, in-flight service of meals will be temporarily suspended
Water will be made available for all passengers

Service details

All GoAir airport staff and crew members have been equipped with sanitizers, gloves and personal protective equipment (PPE) for your safety.
Avoid any non-essential movement in the aisle

Our aircraft

Each aircraft is disinfected and sanitized before every flight using Environment Protection Agency (EPA) approved hospital grade disinfectants. Passenger seats, seat belt buckles, armrests, overhead nozzles, tray tables, galleys and lavatories are thoroughly disinfected given the frequency of contact.
The cabin air flows vertically from ceiling to floor and gets absorbed for filtration. This minimizes the spread of possible viruses in the cabin.
Our aircraft are equipped with HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filters which filter out recirculated air on-board to remove up to 99.999% of harmful airborne particles such as viruses and bacteria.


After the plane has landed, remain seated until cabin crew calls you to leave the plane in smaller groups.
Disembark the aircraft in an organized manner, following all social distancing norms.
Follow social distancing, keep your face masks on and maintain all precautions when collecting your bags and exiting the terminal building

Arrival guidance

If you are a transit passenger, then you are requested to stay in the transit area only
Once you have exited the airport, make sure you follow the norms and health advisories set by the destination State/Union Territory you have entered.


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