Hainan Airlines COVID-19 safety policies

Hainan Airlines coronavirus measures at the airport and onboard Hainan Airlines flights to provide a safer air travel experience during the COVID-19 pandemic. Check the safety measures here and find out what it will be like flying with Hainan Airlines during COVID-19.

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Hainan Airlines COVID-19 safety policies

Hainan Airlines COVID-19 policies

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Before your flight

Temperature screening

All passengers’ body temperature will be measured before boarding. Meanwhile, a non-contact thermometer will be provided one the plane to check body temperature if needed at any time.


To reduce contact at check in , the online self-check in tool can be found in Hainan Airline app, Wechat official account , Wechat mini program, official website and mobile official website etc.

Symptom screening

When you enter the airport building, all guests are required to wear a mask at all times. If you are displaying COVID-19 symptoms, such as fever (above 37.3 degrees), dry cough or feeling unwell, you can not board the flight. If you have traveled to moderate and high-risk areas in the past 14 days please let our staff know immediately.
At the airport

Check-in counter

During your check-in process, it is required to show your COVID-19 tests. Testing must be done within the timeframe given for each flight route.

Pre-flight passenger inspection

The staff will measure the temperature of all passengers before boarding and check for additional documents (health documents, nucleic acid testing, etc) to ensure that all passengers meet the epidemic control requirements of the route.


We will provide each boarding passenger with wash-free hand sanitizer at the check-in/aircraft door.
Boarding and in-flight

Backup masks and disinfectant wipes

Masks and disinfection wipes are available on the plane. If you need masks and disinfection wipes, please contact the crew on duty.

Isolation area

Passengers with fever, fatigue, dry cough and other symptoms will be placed in an isolated area and will be provided with service by a dedicated person. Masks, disinfectant wipes, and disposable medical rubber gloves are also provided to the passenger. Also, according to the requirements of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, the information of the passengers in the same row and three rows in front of and behind (a total of seven rows) will be collected.

Self-protection for passengers

Passengers are reminded to take self-protection measures at during flight, including wearing masks correctly, reducing crowding near the toilets, etc. According to the epidemic prevention requirements at the destination, please prepare for the health declaration and the epidemic prevention inspection after landing.

Flight crew preventative procedures

Flight crews perform temperature checks and report their physical conditions before and after flight missions every day. If fever, fatigue, cough and other symptoms occur, the flight crew will be stopped from working.
The flight crew and crew members are divided according to the level of risk for that flight route as defined by the Civil Aviation Administration of China, and they wear various types of protective equipment, such as masks, medical grade protective gloves, eyeglasses, protective clothing, etc.

Cabin safety

The high-efficiency particulate air filtration system (HEPA) and air circulation technology adopted in the passenger compartment can effectively filter more than 99.9% of the air pollutants, ensuring that the air quality of the passenger hold is maintained at the best level.
In addition to regular cleaning, the washroom is disinfected once every hour during the flight using cabincleaning, disinfectant, and records are kept.

In-flight meals

In order to fully support the prevention and control work to fight against the novel coronavirus epidemic and reduce the risk of cabin transmission, Hainan Airlines has optimized its cabin services and meals. Actual meal related utensils are based on in-flight services.

Cleaning/disinfection of aircraft and vehicles

We are committed to keeping the surface of objects clean and guiding passengers to maintain social distancing, so that you are protected throughout your journey.
After the flight ends, we will clean/disinfect the aircraft and vehicles to ensure safe travel for all passengers.


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