KLM Royal Dutch Airlines COVID-19 safety policies

See the protective measures KLM Royal Dutch Airlines have introduced at the airport and onboard flights during COVID-19 to maximise customer safety during the pandemic. Find out what it is like travelling with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines during COVID-19 by reading their guidance and policies.

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KLM Royal Dutch Airlines COVID-19 safety policies

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines COVID-19 policies

View KLM Royal Dutch Airlines COVID-19 policies

At the Airport

Face mask

At some destinations, wearing masks is required in public areas, including the airport. At Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, passengers aged 13 and up are required to wear a mask everywhere. Make sure to check the health requirements of the airports you’re travelling to and from, and transferring in, and follow the instructions at the airport.
You can temporarily remove your mask while eating or drinking. Make sure to follow the instructions on how to remove and put on your mask. Store your mask in a clean space (e.g. in the original packaging or in a clean plastic bag). You’re not allowed to slide your mask under your chin or put it on your head.


When to arrive at the airport
Due to the health measures and the fact that more passengers are travelling again, we recommend that you arrive at the airport at least 2 hours prior to departure of your European flight. Have an intercontinental flight? In that case we recommend you arrive at least 3 hours prior to departure.
I have a transfer at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, what do I need to prepare?
We strongly recommend reviewing the latest entry requirements of the destination you’re travelling to. Local immigration authorities can provide you with more information. They will also be able to tell you whether the measures they’ve taken apply to your situation.
Health measures at the airport
Hygiene and social distancing measures are taken to ensure your safety. When you arrive at the airport, please make sure you follow instructions given to you by airport staff. We’ve added floor marks, signs and transparent screens to make sure there’s enough distance. We regularly clean and disinfect all desks and self-service kiosks. If you’re bringing someone with you to say goodbye, we recommend you do so outside instead of in the departure halls.


For the most part, we’re resuming the regular boarding process. This means that we first invite our Business Class and SkyPriority passengers to embark the aircraft.
At many airports, we use zone boarding. If this is the case, you can find your zone on your boarding pass; the zone depends on your travel class, fare type and frequent flyer level. Passengers in zone 1 are the first to board, followed by zones 2 through 5.
As always, passengers with reduced mobility and families with babies under the age of 2 can pre-board.
Sometimes, a bus will bring you from the gate to the aircraft at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. We aim to let no more than 40 passengers on each bus, when possible.
Please be aware that you have to wear a face mask from the first boarding call. Without one, you won’t be allowed to board. We also advise you to keep your distance from others (1.5 metres).

Lounges at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

The Schengen KLM Crown Lounge is opened from 06:00 until 18:00. When this lounge is closed, you’re welcome to go to the Non-Schengen KLM Crown Lounge instead, which is opened from 07:00 until 21:00. This lounge is located between the E and F pier at Schiphol Airport. Show your travel documents at the documentation check to enter the Non-Schengen area.
You can still grab something to eat or drink at our catering facilities, which have been adapted to provide you with a safe service.
The Blue bar and restaurant remain closed.

Lounges at other airports

As a result of prevention measures all over the world, other lounges might have changed opening hours. Please check the latest status of your lounge at the airpor
Onboard the flight

Face mask

Until further notice, you’re required to wear a face mask from the first boarding call until you have left the aircraft to prevent the further spread of the virus. Without one, we cannot allow you to board. We strongly advise you to wear a face mask at the rest of the airport as well.

Meals & beverages

The catering might be different from what you’re used to from us.
On European flights, you’ll receive a box containing a sandwich in Economy Class. On short flights (less than 1 hour) we will offer cake as a snack. In Business Class, you’ll receive a box created by Dutch designer Marcel Wanders with breakfast, lunch or dinner. On short flights, we will serve you a bottle of water and a cinnamon roll.
On intercontinental flights, you’ll receive a bottle of mineral water, followed by a hot meal (no choice), a salad and a desert in Economy Class. We will also hand out a bag containing snacks and drinks. In Business Class, we serve a drink, followed by a tray designed by Marcel Wanders, with a choice in starters, hot meals, salad, and desert. The second serving consists of a hot meal (no choice) or breakfast. On short flights, we offer 1 breakfast option (no choice).
On all flights, we serve soft drinks, wine and beer at mealtime. After every meal, we will offer you coffee and tea.
Unfortunately, it’s not possible to order a special meal right now.

Other measures

Following the general guidelines about social distancing, we aim to maximise space between passengers by keeping seats empty when possible. However, because of an increasing number of travellers, passengers might be seated next to each other. Our main goal, however, is to offer you and our crew a safe flight, that's why we have taken several hygiene and safety measures.
On intercontinental flights, pillows are available on request in Economy Class.
Our aircraft are equipped with so-called coronakits, in case a passenger unexpectedly shows any signs of illness during the flight. These kits contain Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for passengers and our staff to limit the risk of an infection on board.

In the cabin

Good hygiene is and has always been our priority. We’ve taken extra measures when it comes to the cleaning and maintenance of our aircraft before you embark. Every day, our aircraft are thoroughly cleaned with approved disinfectants.
During the flight, the air in our aircraft is continually renewed with fresh air drawn in from outside. Our aircraft are equipped with an air filtration system consisting of High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters which capture 99,99% of viruses and bacteria, including coronaviruses.


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