Luxair COVID-19 safety policies

Check the protective measures Luxair have introduced at the airport and onboard flights during COVID-19 to maximise customer safety during the coronavirus pandemic. Find out what it is like travelling with Luxair during COVID-19 by reading their guidance and policies.

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Luxair COVID-19 safety policies

Luxair COVID-19 policies

View Luxair COVID-19 policies

At the Airport

Customer guidance

Arrive at the airport earlier than you would usually.
Only travelers will be allowed to enter the airport. If you need special assistance may be accompanied by someone.
Luxair has set up exceptional commercial terms and conditions: Free rebooking options to make your travel plans more flexible under the exceptional circumstances caused by the Coronavirus (COVID-19).
Please be early at the airport, as check-in and security check will take more time, check your necessary entry requirements.
Floor markings at the Check-In area, Security, Boarding Gate, etc. Dedicated surveillance by our ground agents

Hand luggage

Only laptop, handbag, briefcase, medicine or baby food may be taken as hand baggage . Any other items will have to be checked-in within your regular bag or managed as a Deposit At Aircraft (for Q400 only)


The boarding & de-boarding will take place in smaller groups, at the gate & on board.
Boarding will be done from the main aircraft door, our 737 fleet will preferably be connected to an airbridge.
Priority boarding via one door only
Depending on actual Seat Load Factors, passenger seats will be allocated as widely as possible throughout the flight.
Bus transfers will be avoided whenever possible

Our lounges

Lounges are subject to third party opening restrictions, and passengers should contact providers directly for the latest information.
Onboard the flight

Face mask

Passengers must also compulsorily wear a mask, either a surgical mask or a hand-made mask made of cloth, bandana (buff) or scarf (except for kids below 6 years old).
Surgical or FFP2 masks are mandatory for our cabin crews.


Onboard, our crews will distribute a personal hydro-alcoholic solution & a free sanitizing wipe. Sanitizing soap will be available in lavatories.
Any other antibacterial wipes or any other cleaning materials in the cabin by passengers are prohibited as they may interact with chemicals already used by Luxair in its cleaning process and may cause damage to seats, fabrics, plastics and finishes.

Service changes

No paper onboard magazines/newspapers
The safety instruction cards will be placed visibly on each back seat and replaced by sticker in coming weeks/months
Temporary suspension of inflight sales
No distribution of pillows/cushions & blankets
For snacks and meals, packaging and presentation are adapted to minimize contact
The regular beverage service is temporarily suspended. However a selection of drinks will be available during the flight.
Unaccompanied Minor process is not available.

Our aircraft

In line with the latest expert medical finding that the COVID-19 virus is primarily transmitted by droplets and touch, Luxair & LuxairTours have placed their greatest focus on surface cleaning:
Complete disinfection of the aircraft interior
Use of approved eco-friendly chemicals that are proven to kill viruses and germs
Comprehensive & in-depth wipe down of all surfaces – from windows, tray tables, seats, seatbelts, armrests, air vents and overhead lockers in the cabin, to lavatories and galleys.
The air on board all Luxair aircraft is cleaner than outside, it is continuously mixed with a large quantity of fresh outside air and it consists of up to 60% fresh air.
The air in the cabin is changed every 3 minutes, on average the filters remove every pollutant such as dust, allergens, bacterial or viral organisms, such as the COVID-19.
If any suspect or confirmed COVID-19 case was on board, a deep cleaning & advanced disinfection process, including defogging of cabin interiors, will be systematically done prior to operating the next flight.


Upon arrival at your destination, stay in your seat and wait your turn to get off the aircraft.

Arrival guidance

Prior to your flight, the airline strongly recommends you to check the latest entry criteria of the country you are traveling to, to ensure you are able to travel.
This is also the case even if you are a citizen or resident of the country of destination, or if you are only transiting in this country (connecting flight).
In addition, special quarantine and sanitary measures might be in place for each destination and as per government directives.
Luxair advises you to check the last entry regulations directly with the foreign affairs department or relevant local authorities.


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