SKY Airline COVID-19 safety policies

Check the protective measures SKY Airline have introduced at the airport and onboard flights during COVID-19 to maximise customer safety during the coronavirus pandemic. Find out what it is like travelling with SKY Airline during COVID-19 by reading their guidance and policies.

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SKY Airline COVID-19 safety policies

SKY Airline COVID-19 policies

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At the Airport

Face mask

The mask is mandatory throughout the trip. In addition, you will go through temperature monitoring

Airport guidance

Check-in should be done digitally on With the exception of those passengers with a disability or traveling with a pet.
To avoid any inconvenience, Sky Airline recommends arriving at least 2 hrs and 45 minutes before the departure time of your flight if you are traveling from Santiago and 1 hr 45 minutes if you are traveling from another Region.
Cash payment will not be available.
Sky Airline minimizes physical contact with our agents: Sky Airline does not manipulate documents and check-in is only digital.
Government regulations: You must go through the MINSAL Health Control before boarding.
Remember that you must present a certificate of residence or work. Sky Airline increased time and implemented a new boarding and disembarking dynamics in small groups to ensure physical distance.
Hand sanitizer dispensers are easily accessible throughout your journey at the airport.

Hand luggage

No additional restrictions are placed on hand luggage although the airline does recommend passengers to pack light to ensure ease of movement in the cabin.


There is a changed approach to airplane boarding. Now passengers are invited to board in groups, starting with those whose seats are in the rear of the aircraft. This helps to reduce potential contacts.

Lounge access

Lounges are currently subject to individual restrictions and passengers should confirm directly with providers.
Onboard the flight

Face mask

The mask is mandatory throughout the trip. In addition, you will go through temperature monitoring.

Cabin service

Sky Airline has a seat allocation system that will always prefer physical distance on board.(Using the ends first and leaving the center seats for the end, to the extent that the aircraft's capacity allows)
All crews have received instructions on how to act if a crew member or a passenger starts feeling sick or displays coronavirus symptoms.
A limited catering product is still being provided although payments are all cashless.

Our aircraft

Our Airbus A320 NEO fleet has HEPA filters, which trap microscopic particles, including the coronavirus, with 99.9% effectiveness.
Checked luggage is disinfected with sanitizer spray, as a safety measure for customers.
Sky Airline sanitizes and cleans our counters with quaternary ammonium. Sky Airline also uses copper foil; Sky Airline sanitizes the luggage and Sky Airline has alcohol gel in the counter, boarding and on board.


The new system contemplates the disembarkation of passengers every 2 rows, therefore, Sky Airline requests your collaboration to wait seated until the front rows have exited the plane. In this way Sky Airline will be able to maintain the physical distance.

Airport guidance

Passengers should maintain use of masks until they are out of the terminal building.
Appropriate social distancing at baggage reclaim points is also encouraged.
Please check government websites for the latest requirements to enter.
As of Oct 2020 - Argentina: Electronic Sworn Declaration of Entry and Exit to the National Territory "available on the official site of the National Migration Directorate
As of Oct 2020 - Brazil: Proof of purchase of health insurance valid in Brazil (at least for R $ 30,000) and with coverage for the entire travel period.
As of Oct 2020 - Colombia: Passengers prior to the flight must perform the Check Mig at Have biosecurity protocols (masks, gloves, antibacterial gel) Negative PCR test (result with a maximum of 96 hours before shipment) The passenger must report their health status through the application "Coronapp"
As of Oct 2020 - Peru: All passengers must complete "Electronic affidavit of traveler's health and commitment to quarantine the traveler" available at, within 72 hours prior to the trip special flights You must do a mandatory 14-day quarantine in your home.


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