Vietnam Airlines COVID-19 safety policies

See the protective measures Vietnam Airlines have introduced at the airport and onboard flights during COVID-19 to maximise customer safety during the pandemic. Find out what it is like travelling with Vietnam Airlines during COVID-19 by reading their guidance and policies.

The information is taken from Vietnam Airlines website which can be viewed HERE

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Vietnam Airlines COVID-19 safety policies

Vietnam Airlines COVID-19 policies

View Vietnam Airlines COVID-19 policies

At the Airport


Vietnam Airlines implements other preventive measures prior to take-off such as doing health screenings for employees. All crew members are required to wear face masks and medical gloves while serving.
Ticket counter, check-in counter and kiosk check-in are wiped down and sanitized frequently throughout the day. Disinfectant carpet is always placed at aircraft’s door.
For flights with a high risk of infection, all passengers and crew members are provided with medical protective suits.
According to the Civil Aviation Administration and Vietnam Airlines, all passengers must do temperature checks before flights. A person with a temperature of 37.5 °C or higher or having the following symptoms: dry cough, shortness of breath, sickness are not allowed to travel.
To ensure safe distancing and avoid long lines, Vietnam Airlines highly recommends all passengers to prepare identity documents before security and boarding.
We also recommend all passengers to frequently wash their hands by soap and hand sanitizer.
In order to limit the crowded group at the airport, pick-up and see-off family members should not go inside the airport. In some special cases, family members are allowed to get in the airport to assist passengers with limited mobility.

Vietnam Airlines lounges

Staff are required to wear face masks and medical gloves at work, especially when serving food and beverage. We pay attention on staff training to make sure cleaning is being done fully with high efficiency.
Working, entertaining, food and bar areas as well as restroom and shower room are wiped down and sanitized multiple times a day.
Hand sanitizer dispensers are placed near high-traffic and high-touch locations such as entrance, check in counter, shower room and restroom.
Food is well cooked and preserved in sealed containers.
Buffet area is rearranged to promote safe distancing.
All tableware are sanitized with high-temperature industrial dishwashers.

Vietnam Airlines

Before boarding, passenger is reminded to wearing a face mask.
For a smooth boarding procedure, limiting boarding time and facilitating physical distancing resulting in a lower risk of close contact, it is essential that your carry-on baggage corresponds to the regulations. During boarding, we check your carry-on baggage against the permitted dimensions, quantity and weight.
In some high risk of COVID - 19 period and according to the airport authority regulation, physical distancing between individuals is maintained during check – in through pre – boarding and boarding. When buses are used for the boarding process, an increased number of buses are in operation to accommodate passenger physical distancing inside them.
Onboard the flight


As required by the Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam, all passengers must wear face masks at the airport and throughout the flight. Passengers must bring their own face masks. It is highly recommended to prepare a back-up one.


We are serving anti-bacterial hand wipes with 65% of Isopropyl alcohol which is endorsed by WHO, Ministry of Health and Aircraft Manufacturer.
The main purpose of anti-bacterial hand wipes is to clean hands and personal items.
Please note that these hand wipes should not be used on your eyes, noses, mouth and keep out of children’s reach.

Meals & beverages

Vietnam Airlines provides well-prepared meals, fruits and bottled mineral water.
For Business Class passengers, fresh fruit juice will be served to build up resistance.


In-flight Entertainment is available on all Vietnam Airlines’ flights
Vietnam Airlines provides headsets for all flights between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, operated by wide-body aircraft A350/B787.
Headsets are sanitized with germicidal and treated by Ultraviolet (UV).
Passengers are able enjoy in-flight entertainment on their personal devices on all A321 aircrafts (Wireless – IFE)
On all domestic flights, passengers can also have access and free download cooperated media content by VNA - FPT Play from 24 hours to 6 hours after arrivals.


Publication, blankets and pet on board services are temporarily discontinued in order to reduce risk of infection.


Anti-bacterial soap is always available in the lavatory.
Lavatories are cleaned before and during the flight with additional wipe down procedures by our cabin crew.

Cabin air

To ensure onboard air quality and hygiene, Vietnam Airlines' aircraft are equipped with HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filters, which minimizes the risk of airborne bacteria and viruses on flights. HEPA filters remove up to 99.99% of particles such as dust, pollen, human skin cells, bacterium, and viruses with a minimum size of 0.001 micrometers.
The air in the cabin is renewed continuously every three minutes. Air flows are designed to enter the cabin vertically, from top to bottom, and circulate horizontally, which contributes to preventing the spread of pollutants along the cabin. According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), HEPA filters equipped in aircraft operate similarly to air filtration systems in surgical operating rooms.


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