Viva Air COVID-19 safety policies

Check the protective measures Viva Air have introduced at the airport and onboard flights during COVID-19 to maximise customer safety during the coronavirus pandemic. Find out what it is like travelling with Viva Air during COVID-19 by reading their guidance and policies.

The information is taken from Viva Air website which can be viewed HERE

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Viva Air COVID-19 safety policies

Viva Air COVID-19 policies

View Viva Air COVID-19 policies

At the Airport

Face mask

Passengers must wear a respiratory mask or mask at all times

Airport guidance

For domestic flights within Colombia you do not need to take Covid tests to travel. However, keep in mind that this information is subject to change.
Airline staff, both at airports and onboard, are prepared to detect any possible alerts and act according to security protocols.
Passengers must have Cedula or passport
Passengers must have Digital boarding pass on your cell phone (you can check-in online at our website
Passengers must have Enter and update your data in the government app: CoronApp
VivaAir recommends arriving at the airport 2 hours in advance for your domestic flight, as the airport operators will control the entrance to the terminal.
For your international flight, VivaAir recommends arriving 3 hours before the flight time.
For International flights from Peru, the airline recommends arriving 4 hours before the flight time.

Hand luggage

No additional restrictions are placed on hand baggage although limiting the weight and size of this is highly recommended.
Staff may not be able to assist with placing this overhead.


VivaAir have updated our boarding process and now boards by rows and in a more orderly manner. In boarding areas, stay seated and wait for your row to be called.
To reduce physical contact, VivaAir will ask you to scan your boarding pass; remember to have it in hand along with your identification.
Maintain a safe distance when checking-in, boarding, and claiming baggage.
Onboard the flight

Face mask

Passengers must wear a respiratory mask or mask at all times

Cabin service

There are modifications to the services experienced onboard all flights.
VivaAir cleans the interior of our aircraft daily and at the end of each flight assignment. This includes general cleaning procedures such as evacuating waste, cleaning bathrooms, tables, chairs, rugs, belts, among other components.
All crew members are subjected to different medical checkups where VivaAir implement strategies to maintain their physical and mental health.
Viva Aerobus continue to offer our service on board, all purchases can be made by debit or credit card to limit physical contact.

Our aircraft

Viva uses the latest technology in our aircraft, which have air systems in the cabins, equipped with special filters that renew the air passengers breathe constantly.
This air is filtered through HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) air purifying filters that capture particles and microorganisms.
VivaAir have procedures for waste management due to biological risks in our aircraft, which VivaAir have strengthened with our suppliers.
VivaAir also reinforces the plane's cleanliness with a deep interior cleaning every 15 days, where the cabin of both passengers and pilots is vacuumed and galleys and bathrooms are cleaned, while carpets, tapestries and seats are vacuumed.


VivaAir have implemented a new process to disembark our planes by rows, which allows a safe distance between passengers, avoid disturbances on the jetways, and ensure safety protocols during your trip

Arrival guidance

While at baggage claim, keep a safe distance from other passengers.
Maintain wearing of the mask until you are fully outside of the terminal building.


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