Singapore Changi Airport 5-Star Airport Hygiene Rating

July 2022: Singapore Changi Airport has become the first airport in the world to receive the highest 5-Star Airport Hygiene Rating in the SKYTRAX Airport Hygiene Rating Accreditation programme.

The hygiene checks are conducted across customer facing facilities in the airport for landside and airside areas, and includes ATP testing of key areas. This includes areas such as customer seating, waiting areas, security / immigration processing, toilet facilities, food and beverage outlets, contact surfaces for escalators, elevators, travelators, ATM’s, vending machines, airline lounges.

Singapore Changi Airport 5-Star Airport Hygiene Rating

Airport Hygiene Rating

Changi Airport Hygiene Rating

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Singapore Changi Airport 5-Star Hygiene Rating

A short summary of selected ratings is shown below:

SIN: Airport Hygiene Rating

Parking payment machines - condition & cleanliness
Car parking facilities - condition & cleanliness
Check-in counters - cleanliness
CUSS kiosks - cleanliness
Baggage trolleys: Car parks - cleanliness
Baggage trolleys: Departures drop off - cleanliness
Baggage trolleys: Baggage reclaim - cleanliness
External pavement & walkways - presentation
Window & glass - cleanliness
Walls / ceilings / fixtures: Landside departures - cleanliness
Walls / ceilings / fixtures: Landside arrivals - cleanliness
Walls / ceilings / fixtures: Airside departures - cleanliness
Security screening: cleanliness
Immigration: cleanliness
Terminal cleaning protocol & monitoring systems
Standard of bins / recycling facilities
Terminal flooring: departures - cleanliness
Terminal flooring: arrivals - cleanliness
Customer seating - cleanliness
Priority seating - cleanliness
Seat power units - cleanliness
Elevators - cleanliness
Escalators - cleanliness
Staircases - cleanliness
Moving walkways - cleanliness
Toilets: communal area cleanliness
Toilets: Cubicle cleanliness
Toilets: Washbasin & counters cleanliness
Toilets: cleaning protocol & monitoring systems
Baby care / family room: cleanliness
Baby care / family room: changing area cleanliness
Wheelchairs: cleanliness
ATMs: cleanliness
F&B outlets - entrances condition & cleanliness
F&B outlets - floor cleanliness
F&B outlets - table cleanliness
F&B outlets - seating cleanliness
F&B outlets - service counter cleanliness

SIN: Hygiene Rating ATP tests used

All contact / physical surfaces were checked using ATP tests


The Airport Ratings shown on this website show headline extracts of the key areas used in final assessment and grading. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in our web pages, the content is naturally subject to change and Skytrax cannot guarantee its accuracy or currency. We reserve the right to make changes to the information on the site without notice.

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