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About Skytrax Ratings

Introduced in 1999, the World Airline and Airport Star Rating programme is a leading international Rating system that classifies airlines and airports by the quality of front-line product and staff service standards.


Airline Star Rating

Airline Star Ratings are awarded following detailed, professional analysis of an airline’s quality standards by our audit office.  This covers airport services at the airline’s hub, and onboard standards across all applicable cabin / aircraft types.

Airline Star Ratings are recognised as a global Benchmark of airline standards around the world, and use a quality scale from 1-Star through to the exclusive 5-Star Airline award. Ratings are based on evaluation of product and service standards for both the onboard and airport environments, using a unified and consistent rating system.

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Skytrax is dedicated to improving Quality of the customer experience for airlines and airports across the world


Airport Star Rating

The World Airport Star Rating applies quality ratings across all customer-facing items of product and service that an airport provides.

Product rating includes terminal layout, design, comfort, maintenance and cleanliness, including features such as seating, washrooms, WiFi, shopping, food and beverages. Service rating includes help counters, service ambassadors, staff in shops, restaurants, cafes, and official staff such as immigration, police, security and customs. Service assessment looks at efficiency, consistency, staff attitudes, service hospitality / friendliness and language skills.

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Background Information

The Airline and Airport Star Rating background information, methodology and topics is available to airline and airport management. To receive more details, please use the forms below:

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» Airport Star Rating enquiry form

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