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How are airline and airport ratings applied?

Ratings are applied following detailed analysis of the airline or airport quality standards by SKYTRAX audit office. The ratings use a quality scale from 1-Star through to the exclusive 5-Star Airline and 5-Star Airport ranking. The ratings are based on an airline or airport's front-line product and service standards, using a unified and consistent rating system. All ratings focus on the quality of customer experience for relevant product and service factors.

Can I see the full airline and airport rating agenda?

The full rating agenda is available to registered airline and airport management. For commercial reasons we do not provide this to those outside these industries.

Do airlines or airports pay to use ratings?

No. The Star Rating awards and logos are available for free usage by airlines and airports and we have never charged for this. Logo usage is normally approved internally by SKYTRAX before use.

How frequently do you add ratings?

We add new airline and airport ratings on a fairly regular basis. Once we have gained full quality analysis data from our Audit department, a rating will be added.

Do SKYTRAX make airline rating presentations?

Yes. Airline star rating awards are either presented at our annual World Airline Awards event or individual presentations to the airline can be arranged.

Do SKYTRAX make airport rating presentations?

Yes. The Airport star rating awards are either presented at our annual World Airport Awards event or individual presentations to an airport can be arranged.

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