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About Airport Star Rating

World Airport Star Rating

Skytrax World Airport Star Rating was introduced 20 years ago, and has become a global benchmark of quality evaluation for the airport industry. The 5-Star Airport symbol is our ultimate quality recognition for an airport, awarded to airports achieving a very high, overall quality performance. This top airport rating recognises airports providing excellent facilities for customers, which combines with high quality airport staff service.

Skytrax apply airport ratings between a 1-Star and 5-Star level (see Airport Rating levels), across all customer-facing items of product and service that an airport provides. The ratings are based on a comprehensive study of 500-800 different items, the total depending on airport size and type. Final ratings are applied either when an Airport Audit is completed, or our audit team have gathered enough data to undertake a full airport rating. (A brief explanation of the Star Rating levels is shown below)

Product rating includes terminal layout, design, comfort, maintenance and cleanliness, including features such as seating, washrooms, WiFi, shopping, food and beverages

Service rating at the airport includes airport operated options (eg. help counters, service ambassadors), staff working in shops, restaurants, and cafes, and official staff such as immigration, police, security and customs. Service assessment looks at standards of efficiency, consistency of service, staff attitudes, service hospitality / friendliness and language skills.

5 star5-Star Airport Rating
Awarded to airports that are providing a very high, overall Quality performance. This top rating recognises high standards of airport facilities / amenities, together with consistent and excellent standards of staff service across front-line areas.

4 star4-Star Airport Rating
The 4-Star rating is a seal of quality approval that recognises airports which are providing a good overall Quality performance. A four-star rating normally differentiates between good and excellent classifications, and in some areas where an airport might be meeting five-star levels, the rating may be applied as 4-Star if consistency is not being achieved.

3 star3-Star Airport Rating
This is the rating applied to the largest number of airports in the Star Rating programme, and means that an airport is achieving a fair Quality performance that equates to an industry average of facilities, amenities and staff service standards. A 3-Star rating signifies areas that may be performing below 4-Star requirements due to inconsistency.

2 stars2-Star Airport Rating
This rating applies to airports that are performing at a lower overall quality standard, and below the industry average across many rating categories. A 2-Star Airport rating signifies a poor standard of airport facilities / amenities and may also reflect lower standards of staff service efficiency and consistency.

1 star

1-Star Airport Rating
The one-star airport rating represents an airport providing unacceptable standards of facilities and staff service. It should be noted, that Skytrax have never rated an airport in the overall 1-Star category.

Airports do not have to be large hub facilities to achieve the 5-Star and 4-Star Airport ratings. Star rating assesses each airports target market and customer base, to determine its Quality success in that area. For example, a small regional airport serving point-to-point to routes is not expected the offer the same facilities as a global hub airport, but both airport types are eligible to meet the top tier, 5-Star Airport rating.

In 2017, Skytrax introduced the Regional Airport Ratings with many regional airports now added to the global rating.

Please visit the Frequently Asked Questions page for more details about our ratings.

Any airport requiring information about Airport Star Rating can contact us through our Airport Members page.

NOTE: The Airport ratings shown on this website represent only a selected summary of assessment topics used to determine grading levels.

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