Terminal B LaGuardia Airport

Terminal B, LaGuardia Airport is Certified as a 5-Star Airport Terminal for the quality of facilities, terminal comfort and cleanliness, shopping, food & beverages, staff service, and security processing.

“Terminal B provides customers with a world-class experience, having spacious interiors, floor-to-ceiling windows, inspiring public art features, and iconic restaurants and shops. Of primary importance, the terminal delivers an easy and intuitive layout that.”

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Terminal B LaGuardia Airport

Terminal B LaGuardia Airport Rating Summary

Terminal B

Terminal B LaGuardia Airport Rating Analysis

Ground Transportation

Public Transport options
Distance to public transport
Airport taxi service

Security Screening

Screening guide signage
Waiting times
Service efficiency
Staff language skills

Wayfinding & Signage

Ease of wayfinding - transfer
Ease of wayfinding - departures
Signage language choices
FIDS : positioning in terminal
FIDS : clarity of display
Airport App navigation
Info Kiosks


Walking distances
Availability of toilets
Baggage hall facilities
Baggage delivery times
Baggage carts
Meet and greet facilities


Signage to check-in
Congestion around check-in
Queuing systems
Premium check-in facility

Terminal Comfort

Congestion around terminal
Air temperature
Décor and condition
Seat availability
Seat types and comfort
Access to power / charging points
Cleanliness of seats
Cleanliness of washrooms
Cleanliness of public areas
PRM washrooms

Terminal Facilities

Clarity of airport PA's
Clarity of airport PA's
ATM availability
WiFi : ease of log-in
WiFi : free time allowance
WiFi : service speed
Shower facilities
Quiet / relaxation areas

Shopping Facilities

Selection of shops : landside
Selection of shops : airside
Choice of mid-price shops
Choice of luxury brands

Food & Beverage

Food and beverage choice : landside
Food and beverage choice : landside
International brands : landside
Food and beverage choice : airside
Fast food options : airside
International brands : airside
Food and beverage : cleanliness
Food and beverage : prices

Art Features

Sense of place for NYC
Window art murals
Landside art features
Airside art features


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