World Airline and Airport Rating

The Skytrax global Guide to Airline and Airport standards. World Airline Rating is the global Airline Rating system classifying airlines by the Quality of front-line product and staff service standards, introduced in 1999. World Airport Rating began in 2003 and ranks airports on all aspects of customer facing product and service across the airport environment. The Star Ratings are recognised as a global Benchmark of airline and airport standards.

Airline Rating

Airline Star Rating covers all types of airline, from largest carriers with global route networks to domestic only and low-cost airlines. The prestigious 5-Star Airline ranking recognises high and consistent standards of both Airport and Onboard Product and Staff Service delivery.

5-Star Airlines
4-Star Airlines
3-Star Airlines
2-Star Airlines
1-Star Airlines

Airport Rating

Airport Star Rating evaluates the complete Customer Experience across an airport. Airport facilities and staff service are ranked for departures, arrivals and transit for different types of travellers. There are presently 3 airports in the world awarded the top, 5-Star Airport ranking.

5-Star Airports
4-Star Airports
3-Star Airports
2-Star Airports
1-Star Airports


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About the Rating

Airline Rating is based on detailed Quality analysis of up to 850 different categories across an airline's front-line product and staff service standards, applied to the Airport and Cabin Service environments. Airport Rating uses a similar system, covering over 500 categories of product and service in the airport landside and airside areas. Skytrax use a unified Audit analysis evaluation to guarantee that every airline and airport receives a fair, objective and independent approach. Consistency of Product and service is a critical issue within final Rating and Skytrax focus carefully on delivered realities.

Airline Safety

Skytrax do not publish a rating of airline safety due to the fact that there is no accurate, global reference of safety standards and/or safety incidents that can be truly relied upon and trusted by passengers. Read more   Airline Safety Rating

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