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5-Star Rating for Tokyo Haneda Airport


By Peter Miller, Skytrax

Haneda Airport (Tokyo International Airport) has been awarded the global 5-Star Airport quality ranking for 2015/2016 by SKYTRAX.

The 5-Star Airport rating recognises very high standards of Product and Staff service across different assessment categories in the Airport environment, and recognises Tokyo Haneda International Airport for being at the forefront in terms of service quality and consistency, and for product and service innovation in the airport. Haneda International Airport is the only Japanese airport to achieve this 5-Star Airport rating.

Edward Plaisted, CEO of Skytrax presented the 5-Star Airport Certification to JAT and TIAT as the airport operators, and commented: “Haneda International Airport has achieved this 5-Star Airport rating due to the fact that the airport meets so many 5-Star targets in terms of what an airport should be doing to both look after, and satisfy customers. Haneda International Airport delivers very consistent standards of service efficiency and consistency, the airport is meticulously clean and makes the process for both departing and arriving passengers as simple as possible. The domestic Terminals (T1/T2) set global Best Practice levels for the quality of shopping and food and beverage outlets located landside, and the International Terminal has firmly established itself as a 5-Star Terminal, boosted by the 2014 opening of the Royal Park Hotel within the terminal and increased shopping and food and beverage choices.”

Mr Isao Takashiro (right) President of Japan Airport Terminal Co receives the 5-Star Airport Award

Haneda Airport is split in operational terms, with Japan Airport Terminal Co running the Domestic Terminals 1 & 2, and Tokyo International Air Terminal Corporation operating the International Terminal.

The airport has become increasingly popular for both Japanese and international customers due to it’s close proximity to downtown Tokyo.

Tokyo International Airport Haneda handled 72.8 million passengers in 2014, and is ranked as the second busiest airport in Asia and the fourth busiest in the world.

Mr Katsuji Doi (right) President of Tokyo International Air Terminal Corp receives the 5-Star Airport Award

Terminal 1 and 2 are connected by an underground walkway, and there is also a free shuttle bus that operates between the Terminal 1 and 2 and the International Terminal. Tokyo International Airport Haneda will play a very important role in the future in furthering Japan’s development as a tourism-oriented nation and in strengthening air transport hub functions in Japan by making the most of the nation’s domestic air transport network.

“the airport is meticulously clean”

Skytrax completed the quality audit checks of Haneda International Airport in July 2015, examining in detail all product and service delivery areas across the terminal operational features.

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By Skytrax

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