Primeclass 4-Star Lounge at Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport

The Primeclass Lounge at Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport is Certified as a 4-Star Airline Lounge for the standard of product facilities and staff service.

“The domestic Primeclass Lounge in Izmir Airport provides a good overall experience to customers. The lounge provides an appropriate range of F&B options which deliver at an acceptable standard. The lounge enjoys excellent views from its elevated position, and the current furnishings are modern and comfortable. Staff are efficient and friendly at reception and in the active lounge space.”

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Primeclass 4-Star Lounge at Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport
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Certified Lounge Ratings

Lounge Certification

Full Ratings Breakdown

Primeclass Lounge

Pay-per-use Lounge

Location of lounge in terminal
Signage to lounge
Ease of locating lounge
Value for money

Comfort & Ambience

Lounge capacity / crowding
Boarding call system
Daylight and outside views
Ambience and exclusivity
Temperatures in lounge
Cleanliness of food area
Cleanliness of seating
Cleanliness of washrooms
Cleanliness of showers

Seating and Comfort

Choice of seat types
Availability of seats
Comfort of seating
Seat privacy standards
Standard of washrooms
Standard of shower facilities
Shower facility waiting times
Secure left luggage area

Food and Beverages

Presentation of self-serve buffet
Choice of cold buffet
Quality of food served
Choice of wines and beverages
Choice of coffee, tea, hot drinks


WiFi : ease of log-in
WiFi : speed and reliability
Access to power / charging points

Staff Service

Quality of welcome supplied
Explanation of lounge facilities
Boarding call options
Attitude towards customers
Friendliness of service
Efficiency and problem solving skills
Language skills
Total service hospitality


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