COVID-19 Safety Rating for Airlines and Airports

Skytrax COVID-19 Safety Rating is a trusted assessment and certification of airline and airport hygiene and safety measures during the coronavirus pandemic, based on detailed and professional investigation of actual standards being provided by airlines and airports worldwide.

Accreditation regarded as a global benchmark

The COVID-19 Safety Accreditation is regarded as a global benchmark for defining safe travel assurance for customers by complex analysis of the hygiene improvement procedures and systems introduced by airlines and airports during the coronavirus pandemic.


The COVID-19 Airline Audit investigates and evaluates over 190 safety and hygiene protocols introduced to enhance customer and staff safety, including standards of social distancing, efficacy of cleaning systems across both the airport and onboard environments, and all associated measures to enhance hygiene protection. The Skytrax COVID-19 Airline Safety Rating was the world’s first COVID-19 Safety Accreditation for the airline industry.


The COVID-19 Airport Audit investigates and evaluates over 175 safety protocols introduced by airports during COVID-19 to enhance customer and staff safety, and evaluates the airport’s implementation of health, hygiene and safety measures.


The COVID-19 Airline Lounge Safety Certification evaluates over 150 lounge safety protocols including COVID-19 guidance, signage and information, lounge hygiene and cleanliness, social distancing marking and control, seat distancing and food / beverage service systems. The staff service and safety protocols consistency are key determinants in the final rating.


Where possible, ATP testing is used in an audit to measure surface contamination across the high touch areas in both the airport and onboard environments. While ATP systems do not detect viruses directly, materials that contains biological residues will be detected by an ATP system, and this serves as a further check on the frequency and standards of cleaning in operation.


The A-Z of Airline COVID-19 policies is the guide to Coronavirus safety policies for over 200 airlines. You can view the safety policies and measures that each airline has introduced at the airport and onboard flights during COVID-19, to maximise customer safety during the coronavirus pandemic.


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