Airline Lounge COVID-19 Safety Rating

Certification of Airline Lounge COVID-19 Safety standards

The COVID-19 Airline Lounge Safety rating evaluates the effectiveness and consistency of measures put in place by airlines and airport lounge operators to ensure that their COVID-19 safety and hygiene measures are meeting the highest standards, and delivering enhanced safety levels for customers and staff.

Which are the safest airline lounges during COVID-19?

Edward Plaisted of Skytrax: “We have been conducting COVID-19 safety evaluation and rating for airports and airlines since July 2020, and the inclusion of airline lounges is a key part of this, especially as we have seen a gradual re-opening of more lounges in recent months. The lounge ratings provide an opportunity for lounge operators to demonstrate to their customers and staff the scale of improvements they have made in all areas of COVID-19 safety and hygiene.”

The COVID-19 Airline Lounge Safety Ratings are based on an amalgam of procedural efficiency checks, visual observation analysis and ATP sampling tests, with consistency a key determinant in the final rating. ATP testing is geared around high contact areas and customer usage frequency, determining if a surface has been adequately cleaned, and is used to highlight to the airline or lounge operator where systematic change to the cleaning technique or frequency is needed to meet the correct standards.

Skytrax have the unique, specialist knowledge and experience to conduct the Airline Lounge COVID-19 Safety appraisals, with our audit teams conducting COVID-19 Safety Audits for airlines and airports around the world since July 2020.

Airline Lounge COVID-19 Safety Ratings

5-Star COVID-19 Lounge Safety Rating
The highest possible COVID-19 Rating for an airline or independent operator lounge, with the facilities and staff service demonstrating consistent and high standards of cleanliness, with efficient procedures and well controlled service.

4-Star COVID-19 Lounge Safety Rating
The 4-Star COVID-19 Airline Lounge Safety Rating represents a good total performance for standards of cleanliness and service procedures / service controls, but some areas are lacking consistency or cleaning technique changes are required.

3-Star COVID-19 Lounge Safety Rating
The 3-Star COVID-19 Airline Lounge Safety Rating demonstrates a very mediocre quality achievement during the coronavirus pandemic, when appraising the lounge cleanliness and/or staff service and controls. Changes in efficiency, discipline and cleaning technique changes are required.


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