Travel Safely during COVID-19

TRAVEL SAFELY during COVID-19 was launched by Skytrax to provide independent and expert rating and certification of airport and airline performance in critical coronavirus prevention and safety areas.

Today more than ever, airports and airlines have to demonstrate their commitment to real excellence in their hygiene and safety measures to ensure customer and staff safety and inspire confidence in air travel.

TRAVEL SAFELY during COVID-19 provides COVID-19 Safety Ratings which evaluate the airport and airline travel experience, and provide assurance for COVID-19 safety measures being delivered.

As customers assess their desire and options to travel by air again, they will look to airports and airlines promoting customer safety as their top priority. An important factor is the ability to identify the airports and airlines that have been certified for going above and beyond to deliver on these safety statements.

This page provides an index of TRAVEL SAFELY during COVID-19 information for airports and airlines around the world.

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» A-Z Index of Airport COVID-19 Safety Ratings
» About COVID-19 Airport Safety Rating
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We wish you safe travels!

COVID-19 Airline Safety Rating covers potential customer risk and concern elements across the airport and onboard environment. The Airline Safety Ratings also incorporate relevant areas from the IATA Health Safety Standards Checklist, ICAO CART Take-off guidance and WHO recommendations.

COVID-19 Airport Safety Rating provides an independent and open validation of an airport’s COVID-19 hygiene and safety measures. Assessing over 400 factors in a typical airport travel sequence, the ratings evaluate enhanced cleaning measures, social distancing control, and hand hygiene facilities to offer another layer of reassurance to customers.

Skytrax have been auditing airline standards since 1989, and provide unique, specialist knowledge and experience required to conduct the COVID-19 Safety assessment of airports and airlines.

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