Scoot 5-Star COVID-19 Airline Safety Rating

Scoot is certified with the highest 5-Star COVID-19 Airline Safety Rating for the safety measures and improved hygiene processes and protocols introduced by Scoot to help reduce the spread of Coronavirus.

Skytrax COVID-19 Airline Safety Rating is the global assessment and certification of airline health and safety measures during the coronavirus pandemic that is based on professional and scientific investigation of the standards being provided by the airline.

The COVID-19 ratings include cleanliness at the airport and onboard, social distancing, face mask usage, sanitiser, and other hygiene improvement systems.

Scoot 5-Star COVID-19 Airline Safety Rating

COVID-19 Safe Air Travel

COVID-19 Safety Certification

Scoot COVID-19 Safety Ratings

At the Airport

Check-in: Singapore Changi Airport

Counter protective screens
Correct use of PPE by staff
Hand sanitiser visibility & availability
Signage about COVID-19 requirements
Queues: social distancing marking
Queues: control of social distancing

Boarding: Singapore Changi Airport

Hand sanitiser visibility & availability at boarding gates
Info signage for COVID-19 requirements
Counter protective screens
Correct use of PPE by staff
Boarding policy applied
Social distancing PA information
Social distancing marking
Control of social distancing
Onboard the flight

Face mask & Sanitiser

Hand sanitiser provided upon boarding / at seat
Seat / table sanitiser provided upon boarding / at seat
Face mask policy clearly stated over cabin PA
Availability of spare / replacement face masks
Service policy / system for disposal of used face masks

Cleanliness in the Cabin

Cleanliness: seat back / base / armrest
Cleanliness: seatbelt & buckle
Cleanliness: seat pocket & safety card
Cleanliness: tray table / latch
Cleanliness: PTV screen
Cleanliness: PTV remote
Cleanliness: window


PA Instructions about toilet usage / queuing
Hand sanitiser availability
Cleanliness: toilet door internal handle / lock
Cleanliness: washbasin & counter
Cleanliness: waste disposal

Cabin Staff

Standard of staff PPE
Staff PPE usage / compliance
Giving clear PA information for COVID-19 instructions
Control of customer PPE usage / compliance
Control of customer social distancing
Efficiency handling customer noncompliance with PPE / distancing
Maintaining orderly & distanced deplaning

Arrivals: Singapore Changi Airport

Hand sanitiser visibility & availability at arrivals / airbridge exit
Information signage for COVID-19 requirements
Staff PPE usage / compliance
Bus arrivals: cleanliness of buses
Bus arrivals: air-conditioning standards of buses
Bus arrivals: restricting customer numbers per bus
Bus arrivals: social distancing policies adhered to
Baggage reclaim: hand sanitiser visibility & availability
Baggage reclaim: social distancing marking
Baggage reclaim: control of social distancing
Baggage reclaim: baggage trolley cleanliness


Visibility of COVID-19 information on home page
Standard of COVID-19 Travel information


The Ratings shown on this website show headline extracts of the key areas used in final assessment and grading. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in our web pages, the content is naturally subject to change and Skytrax cannot guarantee its accuracy or currency. We reserve the right to make changes to the information on the site without notice.

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